Medical Care Corporationは高齢化する世界の人の健康と生活の質を予防、早期発見、記憶障害の管理を通じ、その質の向上に貢献する意義の下組織されました。Medical Care Corporationは1999年に米国カルフォルニア州アーバインに創設された私設の神経情報科学研究企業です。

認知機能について 軽度認知障害(MCI:Mild Cognitive Impairment) 認知症 記憶のメカニズム 早期発見の重要性
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■ 開発経緯

Medical Care Corporationは高齢化する世界の人の健康と生活の質を予防、早期発見、記憶障害の管理を通じ、その質の向上に貢献する意義の下組織されました。Medical Care Corporationは1999年に米国カルフォルニア州アーバインに創設された私設の神経情報科学研究企業です。認識能力を正確に測り、観察することを目的としたテクノロジーの開発に特化し、高度の統計分析を大規模なデータベースを用い、データを分析・抽出する高度技術を用い、対象者の認知機能が「正常」な状態であるか否かを正確に判別する技術の独占所有権を得ました。Medical Care Corporationは大規模な臨床データを元に革新的な臨床研究に力を入れています。日々進歩する技術革新の中、Medical Care Corporationは実用的なアセスメントツールが臨床者や研究者に提供され、国民のケアのために浸透、活用されることを目指しています。

■ シャンクル医師の主な経歴

Education: Dates: Degree/Training
LAC/USC Medical Center: 1984 1987: Neurology Residency
Cook County Medical Center: 1983 1984: Medical Internship
Brown University: 1979 1983: M.D
Harvard University: 1978 1979: Multivariate Statistics
University of Southern California: 1977 1978: M.S. Biomedical Statistics
Stanford University: 1974 1977: B.S. Biology

■Academic Positions
2004-Present: Research Fellow, Cognitive Science Department, UC Irvine
2000-2003: Associate Adjunct Professor, Pharmacology Department, UC Irvine
1997-2004: Associate Adjunct Professor, Cognitive Science Department, UC Irvine
2000-2003: Director of Informatics Research at UC Irvine Tobacco Research Center (TTURC)
1995-1999: Adjunct Professor, Computer Science Department, UC Irvine
1988-1997: Adjunct Professor, Neurology Department, UC Irvine
1988-1997: Founder and Clinical Director, UC Irvine Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
1988-1997: Clinical Director
UCI site: Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer's Disease (CERAD)
1988-1997: Clinical Director
UCI site: California Alzheimer's Disease Diagnostic & Treatment Centers (ADDTC)
1987-1988: Researcher/Scientist: PEW Foundation Scholar, UC Irvine Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

■Professional Experience in Neurology, Statistics, Artificial Intelligence and Medical Informatics
2011- Present: The Judy and Richard Voltmer Chair in Memory and Cognitive Disorders Program at Neurosciences Institute, Hoag Neurosciences Institute, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
2009-Present: Director, Memory and Cognitive Disorders Program at Neurosciences Institute, Hoag Neurosciences Institute, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
2007-2010: Board of Director, Council on Aging Orange County
1999-Present: Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Medical Care Corporation
1999-Present: Member, National Alzheimer's Association Grant Review Board
1999-2005: Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Alzheimer's Association Orange County
1997-Present: Founder and Medical Director, The Shankle Clinic - Alzheimer's Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Program
1995-1998: Medical Director of the Alzheimer's Skilled Nursing Unit, Ashton Hall Palm Grove Convalescent Center, Garden Grove
1995-1998: Coverage of 10 community hospitals for Orange County Neurological Medical Group
1994: Established the first web site for Alzheimer's Disease in America:
1988-1997: Established Electronic Patient Record for the Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (1,500+ Patient Visits With 1,200+ Variables Entered Electronically Per Visit)
1996: Consultant, Electronic Patient Record Development, St. John's Hospital, Santa Monica
1979-1986: Statistical Consultant, Pathology Department Children's Hospital, Los Angeles
1979-1982: Statistical Consultant, Women and Infants Pathology Department, Providence
1978-1979: Statistician, Neuroepidemiology and Neuropathology Departments: Children's Medical Center, Boston

■Other Professional Positions
1976-1977: Learning Skills Counselor, Stanford Learning Assistance Center
1974-1977: Oncology Summer Fellow, Children's Hospital, Los Angeles

■Media and Public Appearances (Selected)
2008-02: Cox Cable San Diego
2008-01-15: Radio Show - Lunch with Lisa
2007-12-19: Radio Show – Retiring Health and Wealth
2007-11-10: Radio Show - Lunch with Lisa
2007-08-20: Ventura County Star - Early treatment promises to help Alzheimer's patients maintain their quality of life
2007-07-29: The Orange County Register – Doctor Hope
2006-09-28: The Orange County Register - Saving the aging brain: Stimulation, exercise help to fight dementia
2005-03: Louisiana Medical News – MCI Screen Improve Alzheimer's Detection, Treatment
2000-02-24: BBC / Discovery Channel – Human Chemistry
2000-01-04: New York Times – A Decade of Discovery Yields a Shock About the Brain
1999-02-25: Los Angeles Times – Brain Study Finds Cell Numbers Rises During Childhood
1997-08-23: Daily Pilot – Pointing the Disease
1995-1996: Video Infomercials with Maureen Reagan for Pacific Bell on Alzheimer's Disease
1995-11-04: Los Angeles Times – Computers Can Help Diagnose Alzheimer's
1995: The Orange County Register – The Doctor is Online
1992- 08-22: Los Angeles Times – Scientists Detail New Early Test for Alzheimer's
1992-08-06: Salt Lake Tribune – Guide Help Families, Victims as Alzheimer's Sets In